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Star Trek: Intrepid is a fan film series set in the 24th century, several years after Star Trek Nemesis, and features Starfleet and Federation Merchant Service characters as they struggle to colonize a sparse region of space far from the Federation core. A trailer and several blooper reels can be found on the Intrepid website. Star Trek: Intrepid was filmed entirely in Scotland - production wrapped in October 2005, and the film was released on May 26th, 2007. A second episode, "Orphans of War", has been released. Others, including "Transitions and Lamentations" and two shorts, are currently in production.

Central charactersEdit

The series currently features the crews of the USS Intrepid, the Merchant Service Starship Ariadne, and colonists of Chiron IV.

Supporting charactersEdit

Special guest starEdit

Lorraine Kelly (GMTV)

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