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Star Trek: Fearless Logo

Star Trek: Fearless
was a forum based role-playing game that was located at First created in 2003, it was a success on both sides of the Atlantic with the majority of members being US. However, due to webhosting problems Star Trek: Fearless had to be taken offline a two years later. One year later it resurfaced at, but did not have the success as the first time. Webhosting problems occurred with the webhost becoming inactive, which again led to the termination of the forums after one year. One least attempt at reviving Star Trek: Fearless occurred in 2008, but third time lucky did not have the luck needed for the forums, with only a five members in one year it was decided to terminate the forums and website completely.

First LaunchEdit

In 2003, Adam Westwood launched Star Trek: Fearless after he enjoyed writing on the successful Star Trek: MissionHQ. He used his character, Adam Smith, from that forum to command the newly christened USS Fearless-B.

Beginnings: Cardassian ventureEdit

The USS Fearless came along before Adam was even writing on Star Trek: Mission HQ. He wrote a story on the adventures of Captain Adam Smith and the crew of USS Fearless NCC-74206-A titled 'Cardassian Venture' in which the crew rescue some Federation prisoners from a Cardassian Labour Camp and accidentally travel back in time. The story continues with them stopping a Cardassian Gul from altering the timeline, with the help of USS Enterprise and a Klingon Captain named Krell, who was also pulled into the time rift. Like all Star Trek stories they save the day. The USS Fearless in this story was an Intrepid-class starship.

Star Trek Mission HQEdit

While writing on Star Trek: Mission HQ, USS Fearless-B got it's first mention online. Adam was playing an Intelligence Officer, Commander Adam J Smith, aboard USS Excelsior-A and he contacted the USS Fearless for information. During his time on Star Trek Mission HQ he made brief appearances of the ships crew and the ship her self stating the USS Fearless-B was a Sovereign-class, exactly like the one he was serving on.

Star Trek: Fearless - Beyond Mission HQEdit

In 2003, Adam opened the boards of Star Trek: Fearless and used his character signature on Star Trek Mission HQ to advertise. Fellow players began to join and the crew roster began to fill up. Star Trek Fearless had a total of 18 members in it's lifetime and the enjoyed writing about their adventures. Sadly in 2005 the webhost was terminated and Star Trek: Fearless had ended.

Second & third launchesEdit

Not as successful as the first, Star Trek: Fearless managed to pull in only five members on the second launch and two on the third launch. It was Adam's choice to terminate the forums after the story in progress did not receive and entry in seven months. Star Trek: Fearless ended in October 2009.

External linkEdit

  • Star Trek: Fearless website

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