Star Trek: Enterprise-J (or Adventures of Enterprise-J) was an uncompleted message board roleplaying game based on the USS Enterprise and its enemies in the 26th century. Only two episodes of the RPG were saved after the board shut down.


The RPG surrounded the missions of the crew of the Enterprise-J in the 26th century. It focused on an enemy to the Federation that existed within a group known as The Order of the Foxes. This group consisted of members from a wide range of Milky Way Galaxy worlds and was known to have ties with Section 31.


  • Episode 2.2 - The ship is infiltrated by a rogue and rebellious group within the Order of the Foxes, and the crew are hard-lucked in finding them.
  • Episode 2.3 - The crew take a much needed vacation, but each member of the senior staff encounter a separate obstacle of their own that prevents them from relaxation.


Jeffrey Pudlo - Vice Admiral - Commanding OfficerEdit

Vice Admiral Pudlo is the commanding officer of the Enterprise J. He is responsible for co-ordinating his command staff, making all important decisions and general command.

Played by Jeff Pudlo.

Robin Megan Bates - Captain - First OfficerEdit

Captain Bates is responsible for aiding the commanding officer in any way she can. She also is responsible for taking more time with the command staff and lower ranking officers, and acts as the voice of command for most junior officers.

Donothan Reynolds - Commander - Second Officer and Chief EngineerEdit

As Chief Engineer AND second officer, Commander Reynolds must balance his time wisely. While he is responsible for co-ordinating all officers in the engineering department and working on major problems on the ship, he is also the first person to be called upon for commanding a sub-ship.

Played by Brian Thornley (Victoria, BC)

Jake Rilen - Lieutenant - Chief of Security and Tactical officerEdit

Lieutenant Rilen is responsible for making sure all of the people at tactical stations or security guards know what they are doing. He must make sure all people on the Jay and the three sub-ships are working in order. He is also one of the main sources of tactical decisions and the commanding officer will sometimes brief him about matters to do with security or strategy.

Aeon Rune - Lieutenant - Intelligence officerEdit

Lieutenant Rune is in charge of suplying the commanding, first and second officers with vital information. He also works in collaboration with tactical on infiltration methods.

Played by Hawku

Crystal Monroe - Lieutenant Commander - Chief medical officerEdit

Retired from gameplay.

Background informationEdit

  • Since the original website is no longer maintained, only two episodes have been archived and saved.

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