You may also be looking for Star Trek: Distant Horizons.

Star Trek: Distant Horizon was an RPG with several "eras" of activity, that closed January 1st 2007. It was based aboard the USS Intrepid and the USS Firebolt in the 24th century.

Episode listingEdit

USS IntrepidEdit

  • Prologue
  • 1.1 - "We Intrepid"
  • 1.2 - "Counterstrike, Part I"
  • 1.3 - "Counterstrike, Part II"
  • 1.4 - "Heroes Amongst Thieves"
  • 1.5 - "Reflective Pity, Part I"
  • 1.6 - "Reflective Pity, Part II"
  • 1.7 - "Walking On Eggshells"
  • 1.8 - "The Uprising"

USS FireboltEdit

  • 1.1 - "Friend Of My Enemy"


Background informationEdit

  • Star Trek: Distant Horizon had its own website and domain name located at When the rpg closed, the site was taken down.

External linksEdit

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