Star Trek: Destiny is a fan fiction series on TrekBBS set in the late 24th century, building towards the advent of the 25th century on board the Saturn-class, USS Destiny (NCC-85335). Only 2 episodes were written before it was abandoned.

The Destiny is primarily a ship of discovery, diplomacy and exploration, but is routinely called upon to serve in times of conflict or crisis.


Main crewEdit

Civilian personnelEdit

  • Cassandra Bane
  • Freddie Bane



  • Captain Vran

Canon and continuityEdit

The continuity of Star Trek: Destiny only includes recognized Star Trek canon.

  • Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Star Trek: Voyager
  • Star Trek movies

Episode listEdit

  • Episode 1: - In early 2395 the famed Starfleet captain Vran of Andor dies in a tragic accident. Captain Bane Mather must assume command of the USS Destiny to take his place but the first officer, battling the demons of grief and guilt, is unwelcoming. Bane must forge a partnership with his troubled second-in-command in order to solve a chilling mystery.

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