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Star Trek: Dauntless was a relatively long running SRP (Serial-Role Play) that started as a Spin Off to Star Trek: Voyager-A [1]. The SRP ran from 2009 until 2013 and was highly popular in it's time at the ST-V Project, 3rd Fleet and eventually Last-Outpost.

The SRP was set in the early 25th century on board the USS Dauntless, NX-90000. A Dauntless class starship designed after the fake starship of the same name, encountered by the USS Voyager in the 24th century.

Cast Edit

Command Crew Edit

  • CO Captain Martin Thompson
  • SOPS/SO Commander (Prov)
  • CFO Lieutenant Anthony O'Rourke
  • ACFO Ensign Jack Willis

Engineering Crew

  • CE Lt. Cmdr. Ezela Vento
  • ACE Ensign Dominic Pasty
  • ENG Ensign Russell Xokon
  • ENG Ensign Thaddeaus
  • OPS Lieutenant Junior Grade Will Hellen

Security Crew

  • COS Lieutenant Commander Reginald Lefler 
  • ACOS Lieutenant Junior Grade Luke Starrs 

Scientific Crew

  • CSO Andrew
  • SCI Ensign Nuhir D'mora

Continuity Edit

  • The Liirians of the Liir'Shakar Empire saw a major overhaul in Dauntless from a relatively chaotic design, into a more stable, consistent design.
  • As a running gag of the series, the Chief Engineer is again a Liirian. A Member of a highly advanced species left in charge of "Primative Technology"
  • A Number of themes touched on in Voyager-A are revisited, such as the Delta Science Initiative.


Sources Edit

No Sources exist for Data pretaining to Episodes of ST:Daunt when it was hosted at the ST-V-A Project (Site no longer exists) or 3rd Fleet (Sub-Forum no longer exists).

Only Sources that exist are found here:,94.0.html

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