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The title image for Star Trek: Darwin.

Star Trek: Darwin is a Star Trek/X-Men/GI Joe crossover fanfic set in the year 2433 on board the Federation starship USS Darwin written by Ruin Queen of Oblivion.


Star Trek: Darwin comes from the idea of what the reaction would be if Mutants emerged during the Star Trek era. Two years prior to the main story of the fanfic, the Starfleet Officer Anna Marie Adler assigned to the USS Potemkin had her powers emerge, and two years later she is made Captain of the USS Darwin under Admiral Charles Xavier.

The story follows the voyages of the Darwin and its mostly Mutant crew under Captain Rogue, trying to keep the Federation safe from other more dangerous Mutants, and keeping Mutantkind safe from those that would persecute them.

It also features Star Trek-ized versions of the GI Joe characters, along with the Misfits from Red Witch's X-Men AU series on board the USS Independence.


Like most of the Star Trek fanfics written by Ruin Queen of Oblivion, part of the focus of Darwin is on exploration, and while it does have elements of focusing on exploration of space, it also focuses on exploration of the self. But more like the other X-Men stories out there, it deals with the treatment of minorities , while things may be different, things may also be the same.

Main CharactersEdit

USS Darwin:

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Anna Marie "Rogue" Adler (Human-Bajoran Hybrid Female)
  • First Officer: Commander Remy "Gambit" LeBeau (Human Male)
  • Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer/Second Officer: Logan "Wolverine" (Human Male)
  • Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Prine "Shadowcat" Katrin (Bajoran Female)
  • Counselor: Commander Jean Grey (Human Female)
  • Chief Science Officer: Risty Wilde (Human Female)
  • Science Officer: Jessica "Ruin" Roland (Human Female)
  • Chief Medical Officer: Doctor M'koi (Vulcan Male)
  • Helmsman: Ensign Kurt Wagner (Human Male)
  • Ops Officer: Ensign N'alae (Athenan Female)
  • Civilian: Sierra Joyce (Human Female)

USS Independence

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Althea "Wavedancer" Delgato
  • First Officer: Lance "Avalanche" Alvers
  • Chief Science Officers: Daria, Quin, Brittany "Trinity" Delgato
  • Chief Engineer: Webber "Arcade" Torque

USS Blackbird

  • Admiral: Admiral Charles Xavier (Human Male)
  • Admiral's Aide: Orroro "Storm" Monroe (Human Female)
  • Commanding Officer: Scott "Cyclops" Summers (Human Male)
  • Civilian: Irene Adler (Human Female)


  • Magneto (Unknown Male)
  • Mystique (Human Female?)

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