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Star Trek: Dark Armada

Star Trek: Dark Armada is a fan film production set within the same timeline as Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Intrepid and Star Trek: Guardian. The series focuses on the events of Captain Alexander Richardson and his ship, the USS Batavia, on their quest to save the Federation from an unknown terror.

Production overviewEdit

Dark Armada is based in the Netherlands. Most of the cast and crew are either from the Netherlands or Belgium, with UK guest appearances from Star Trek: Intrepid cast members. The production is done using green screen technology where all of the characters are filmed in front of a colored background, which is later replaced by CGI backdrops.

All of the completed episodes are downloadable from the series web site.

Series credited castEdit

Episode ListEdit

Production Number (Working) Title Comments
0 These Are The Voyages... Released September 2006.
0A Worst Nightmare Released March 2009.
0B Choices, Part 1 Released. Features special appearance by commodore Knapp from Star Trek: Hidden Frontier.
0C Choices, Part 2 Released. Conclusion of "Choices, Part 1"
1 Nightfall Released. Features a special appearance of Faldor of Star Trek: Intrepid.

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