Star Trek Cargo Haulers was a series thought up by a Star Trek forum user by the name of 'GregBanter' in late 2002. It followed the adventures of a crew of "Space Boomers" during the mid-22nd century, and was a way to include ideas from both Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: Enterprise.


In the mid 22nd century (the real date is never given) three teenage crewmembers of the SS Moon Hopper (usually simply referred to as the "Hopper") - Greg, Marl, and Lucie - are entered into their family's world of Boomers, a cross between law-abiding merchants and nomadic gypsies. The series shows a different view, from that of a civilian ship without the protection of a grand military behind it, and with very little to defend itself against the raiders that stalk the trade lanes.

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