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Star Trek: Between the Stars (ST: BtS or BtS) is a Star Trek fan fiction universe created by long-time fanfic author Christina Moore (also known as CamSPD). It was developed in order to give her characters from the now-defunct Star Trek: Tales of the Eleventh Fleet shared universe new life. Original characters created by her as well as guest appearances by other writers' characters and canon characters feature in the 50+ stories on her website.

Set mainly post-Dominion War with some "flashback" stories, Christina has designs on creating an ever-expanding universe. This will allow her and any guest authors to accommodate numerous ideas, including multiple starship crews, space station crews, civilian traders, and life on any strange new worlds.

Stations, starships, and stories in the BtS universe: Edit

Guest authors: Edit

  • Jack Elmlinger
  • Kahless of Vulcan
  • Miranda Fave
  • Joseph Manno
  • Brydon Sinclair

External link:Edit

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