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Star Trek: Banting II is a continuation of Star Trek: Banting, taking place after the second Borg war in 2398. Three years after that event, the fourth USS Banting was built, after the third had been sacrificed to destroy two Borg cubes. All the crew made it off safely, except for Captain Brex, who was assimilated and later rescued by the crew of the USS Bozeman-A.

History of the missionEdit

In 2399, a new alternative to warp drive was being considered, the Transwarp Drive was reborn. Other alternatives were also considered such as the Quantum Slipstream drive which was implemented on the USS Voyager-A, USS Sentinel, USS Dauntless and USS Discovery.

The Transwarp Drive which was developed used technology from the USS Excelsior NX 2000's experimental engine and the Borg transwarp coils which had been found after the war. The Excalibur-class provided a large enough platform to use the transwarp drive without ripping the ship to shreds at this stage of development, also if a problem arose a large ship would be better at surviving it.

The Year: 2401
The Place: Signus V
The Ship: USS Banting (NCC-3120-B)

We hope to start the SRP on Sunday the 2nd of August 2009 or Sunday the 9th of August 2009

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