This page lists Non-Player Characters from the roleplaying series Star Trek: Artemis. Each of the following entries is specific to Artemis continuity. These may be separated into individual articles as more information becomes available.

Ahnjoll KanirEdit

Ensign Ahnjoll Kanir served as a Tactical Officer on the Artemis. The "Artemis" is his first duty assignment out of the Academy.

Demitri RandEdit

Ensign Demitri Rand was a Medical Officer onboard the starship Artemis.

Kun LiEdit

Ensign Kun Li was an Operations Officer onboard the starship Artemis.

Eduardo AmosEdit

Ensign Eduardo Amos was a Science Officer onboard the starship Artemis.

Trish WilderEdit

Ensign Trish Wilder was a Flight Control Officer onboard the starship Artemis.

BJ OHareEdit

Master Chief Bernard "BJ" OHare was the Command Master Chief onboard the starship Artemis.

Zim RixxEdit

Cadet Zim Rixx was a Bolian Cadet temporarily assigned to the starship Artemis.


Sogh Cha'DIch Mek son of Yetron was a Klingon Marine Officer who was part of the exchange program on loan to the starship Artemis.

Bruce DashuriaEdit

Captain Bruce Dashuria was the Commanding Officer onboard the starship Artemis. He was killed in action during a battle with a Kreon Attack Ship on Stardate 120216.20.

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