Star Trek: Artemis is an online Star Trek-based roleplaying game and part of the Starfleet Command (RPG) roleplaying and storytelling group. It is set in the post-Star Trek: Voyager era of the late 24th century. The first starship Artemis on the series was an Akira-class starship, Starfleet registry NCC-71428, under the command of Captain David Hawk. At the beginning of the third season, it was revealed that that Artemis was destroyed in early 2386 while the senior officers were on a mission into the past. Starfleet commissioned a new Defiant Class Artemis later in 2386. In 2009, the play by email Star Trek: Artemis paused and never re-started. In 2012, the owner and GM of Star Trek: Artemis the play by email group restarted in the world of Second Life which rebooted the series while also allowing it to take its place as a sequel to the play by email roleplay.

Star Trek: Artemis created two play by email spin-off series, Star Trek: Essex and Star Trek: Hyperion.

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