Stars End

Star's End

Star Trek: Star's End is set on the distant Federation colony of Star's End, more than a generation after the Dominion War. Located well outside the Federation borders, the colony lies in a vast region of space known as the Perseus Expanse. The show follows a group of civilians living on the colony in the year 2411 (the series began in the year 2410). The over sixty thousand inhabitants are visited by two Starfleet ships, the Philadelphia and the Madrid. The Voloi and the Nurukans are powers within the Expanse.

Isolated from their mother worlds, surrounded by feuding alien races, and faced with enemies both natural and political, each colonist has his or her own reason to create a new life on the edge of the galaxy. For Makenzie Jordan, Star's End is a place to call home. For Jev Nolan, it is a chance to start over. For Alana Kelvern and Alain K'vork Rodriguez, it is a cause for which to fight. For Taner Danil, it is an opportunity for discovery. For Vallis, it is an oasis of harmony, to be protected. And for Administrator Soren Kitano, it is the key to a riddle as ancient as all the races in the galaxy...

In the Star's End universe, the L'siari, a parasitic race that once tried to take over Starfleet before Captain Picard and Commander Riker stopped them, came back to attack Earth in 2383, prompting stronger security measures. They again attacked in 2410, which resulted in the Federation closing their borders. With the borders closed, the colony is left alone with the Philadelphia as protection.

A sector in space located in the Perseus Expanse.
The Planet PS927-83 II: an M-class planet located in the Perseus Expanse.
Star's End, the new name for PS927-83 II after the Star's End Colony was founded.
Star's End City, the largest habitation on that planet.

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