In recent years, the USS Pretoria has often encountered small ships crash landing on planets, but have great difficulty finding the survivors in hostile weather, interference and sensor jamming. To assist with future search and rescue situations, vehicles will be used as needed.

Alternatively, any of the shuttles can drop a transporter booster (maximum range: 9000 km per booster), Vehicles can be beamed from the Pretoria and back to the ship. The transporter booster is powered by a Fusion micro-Generator.

Shuttles and Search Vehicles are protected by Duranium-Fibrous hull and armor plating. Duranium-Fibrous plating is manufactured by anti-gravity processes that weave high-strength fibers into standard Duranium composite, increasing its protection, though at the cost of greatly increased bulk compared to standard armor. Thanks to this construction, Duranium-fibrous armor is lighter than all types of armor plates.

The USS Pretoria (NCC-84361) received 16 Hovercraft, and 256 newly commissioned Rescue Drones capable of searching space, planet surfaces, underwater and small spaces, for example: caves.

Delirium (Long Range Aerial Drones). These automated aircraft that can fly for up to 128 days (unless winds are more than 160 km/h), searching for life signs (humanoid and non-humanoid). Drones can also map a planet's surface.
Delirium's small size allows it to fly in confided spaces, between buildings and even in caves.

Mermaid (Water Drone) The Mermaid can search underwater for downed shuttles. This automated water craft that can search for up to 80 days and up to depths of 13 000 meters.

Pixies (Long Range Atmosphere Search Drones) Pixies can even fly through a EF5 tornado (Wind speeds over 300 km/h) and survive. Pixies are easy to build, seven engineers can assemble one in less than 46 minutes.

Pixies are equipped with special Equipment:

  • Transporter Beacon
  • Announcer (collects hydrogen and ignites it, creating a noisy and visible explosion every three minutes)
  • Streak (collects hydrogen and common gases and converts it to a coloured gas, the coloured gas is released leaving a trail to alert people on the ground to the presence of the Search and Rescue Pixie)

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