Lieutenant Commander Sophid Lem was the third host of the Lem Trill symbiont. She was born in 2244 and died in 2330, and she was 25 when they were joined. The host and symbiont were joined for 62 years.

By vocation, Sophid was a starship construction engineer who worked on the Excelsior-class starship project, including the lead vessel USS Excelsior as well as USS Enterprise-B and USS Wayfarer. Her area of specialty was systems integration and interfaces.

Sophid was present at the launch of the Wayfarer, and was part of the vessel's initial shakedown and live-firing trials at the Arcturus Deep Space Firing Range. (Starship Independence: "Shakedown Cruise")

However, she missed the launch of the Enterprise-B when her arrival was postponed to the Thursday following the scheduled date. (Starship Independence: "Musical Parts (Part 2)")

Among the planets she visited as a Starfleet officer included Nimbus III ("Force, Counterforce").

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