Professor Sonek Pran was a citizen of the United Federation of Planets in the 24th century. Born in 2316, he was a hybrid of mixed human, Vulcan, Betazoid and Bajoran heritage, with one grandparent from each race. During his long life, he would become a tenured professor at McKay University on Mars, and serve as an adviser to several Federation Presidents. A skilled, yet unorthodox negotiator, Pran was often called upon to intercede when more conventional diplomatic options had failed. (ST novel A Singular Destiny)

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Star Trek: PendragonEdit

Sonek Pran was vehemently opposed to the actions of Admiral James Leyton during his takeover of Earth in 2372, and was placed under house arrest before he could alert the media. After the outbreak of the Federation Civil War, Sonek escaped the blockade of Sector 001, and helped to rally support for the anti-Leyton Starfleet. Once the war ended, he was dismissed as an adviser by President Saja Masrin and retreated into the relative obscurity of his academic position on Mars. After the next presidential election, Masrin's successor sought Sonek's counsel on the proposed "restoration agenda" meant to undo the damage caused by the Nechayev doctrine. (Star Trek: Pendragon)


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