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"Someone to Remember Them By" was the eighth "unofficial" episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the sixth "unofficial" episode of the fifth season. It was the eighth Star Trek: Phoenix-X entry of the Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge and was the first entry for the twelfth challenge of those unofficial challenges. It was posted in parts, with each part focusing on one of the Captains and crew of the USS Crucial, USS Jenova and USS Hijinx at a time.


A Klingon named Treth goes on an honor-bound mission surrounding her son, Feng.

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Title Posted Prod. Code Synopsis
Part I: Someone to Remember Them By Jun 09 2015 PNX148_U008NA Treth confronts Menrow with his illegitimate child.
Part II: Misplaced Jun 22 2015 PNX148_U008NB Someone on the Jenova uses random parts to try and build a powerful machine.
Part III: Bad Intelligence Jun 30 2015 PNX148_U008NC Mayhem temporarily joins the crew of the Hijinx to collect intel, when Treth and her son suddenly make a final appearance.

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