Snežana Ilochko was a Human Augment who lived on planet Tagra IV in the late-24th century. She was a part of the group led by Rhys Darcen that had broken away from Section 31 after the agency had considered, but then declined to use biological agents in the Dominion War. She was a staunch supporter of Darcen's plan to unleash a biological agent on Ventani II, home of Tret Akleen, the founder of the modern day Cardassian Union.

Like the women of Khan Noonien Singh's group exiled to Ceti Alpha V, she wore sleeveless shirts to show off her muscular upper arms. She spoke with a thick Russian accent. Though she had been physically intimate with Darcen on multiple occasions, she was also attracted to women, including Doctor Aurellan Markalis, who had been serving as an undercover agent for Section 31. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: "Midnight Ride", "Religion To Do Good")

Ileana Roshanak was suspicious of Markalis from the beginning, so Ilochko used her attraction to Markalis in order to coax the doctor to open up to her. Ilochko comforted Markalis when she was feeling uneasy about Darcen's cavalier attitude about the impending death of Seamus O'Dell from an experimental virus strain. When Markalis's cover was blown, Ilochko was assigned to interrogate Markalis using Grimaud as a telepathic conduit. Her link was quickly broken when she feeling the effects of the virus, with which she had been infected to determine which strain human augments were immune to.

She was delirious and close to death as the group's ship neared the Ventani system. She begged Darcen to set Markalis free stating that revenge was wasteful. Ilochko then began mumbling in Russian, lamenting that she and Aurellan could never be together as lovers. She was pronounced dead in the USS Lambda Paz's sickbay after the attack was aborted. ("A Cause of Greater Worth")

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