Smuel was a humanoid shaped vessel constructed and manned by a race of very small creatures from the planet they called Lilln. His/its mission was to interact with and study humanoids. (Voyages of the SS Hanford)

It is not known how long the vessel had been studying humanoids before he/it was discovered aboard the SS Hanford by the ship's cat I'Aisha. The reason he/it was found out and the reason he/it was on the SS Hanford was because the material that made up his/its hull, a complex mixture of polymers, began to break down due to exposure to environmental factors and, he/it had to return to his/its home world for repairs.

To be able to blend in with creatures wished to be studied, the vessel can in a mater of hours be reconfigure to appear as almost any humanoid type. Although after seeing Klingons, the captain of the vessel commented that much structural reinforcement would be needed to blend in with them.

Deck Plan:


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