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Colonel Skylar Calimo was to be the Commanding Officer onboard the starship Ares. Awaiting the commissioning of the Ares he served as the Acting Executive Officer of the USS Artemis under the temporary command of Captain Worf and then as the Acting Commanding Officer after Worf was transferred back to his own command. He was later killed during a random skirmish against the Kreon Rebellion forces. (Star Trek: Artemis)


Skylar was born in Ontario, Canada, Earth in 2355. He was a good student and lived with his parents for 15 years until he left for the Marine Corps. He was a good pilot and his parents thought it great and knew that Skylar always wanted to be a Marine. Due to the privileged schooling that he was given, he was accepted at West Point Academy. He graduated with honors and was assigned to the USS Lalo at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. He was then known to the Captain of the Lalo as one of the best Marines onboard. That's when he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant due to his hard work. He was then given command of a team on the Lalo, and was on many successful away missions and was promoted for all his work for the team (The team was called Alpha Squad). Then he held the rank of a Marine Captain on the USS Excelsior, and was second officer in command for all teams and was known as one of the most respected Marine leaders. He then got promoted to Major and became a Marine CO. He was eventually promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and offered his own command. He was given Command of the USS Ares, but unfortunately had to wait for her to be built. While he was waiting, he served on the USS Artemis as the second officer. During a skirmish in Kreon territory, the Artemis sustained damage. During the battle, Skylar was killed in action.

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