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The Simulated Intelligence Robotic, or S.I.R. was a robotic construct created by the X.S. Tech corporation as a robotic salesman. The primary function of this particular construct was to demonstrate X.S. Tech products of various types while giving a sales pitch for said products.

The S.I.R. encountered by the stranded USS Voyager away team was giving a sales pitch for the Interplanetary Transporter System. After this demonstration both Petty Officer Third Class Kenneth Dalby and Ensign Tom Paris were interested in the use of the device to return to USS Voyager after their stranding.

The test, however, became a rapidly developing disaster thanks to the appearance of an unwanted extraterrestrial visitor and an attack by Biff Tannen, Armus, and the Heartless. (Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm)

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