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The Simpsons were a species native to Simpson's Planet in the Beta Quadrant. The Romulan Star Empire established first contact with the Simpsons in 2384 by the crew of the RIS Bouteina, who was then in search of cyprofloxacine. (RIS Bouteina: "What about some D'oh!")


They were notable to be coach potatoes, as well as drink a lot of alcohol. However, their rock and roll musicians usually made long studies. And some of their clothing was edible to Romulans. Also, they were both fascinated and distrustful of other species. ("Fundraiser")


They were notable for their yellow skin and they were only, physically, as strong (in average) as humans. Some people had eyes outside their orbits. ("What about some D'oh!")

Also, they were the only race other than Hydrans that were able to use a love tester, due to manethozine. ("Love Plan")

Foods and beveragesEdit

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