For the primary universe counterpart, see Shrie Pierson.

In the mirror universe, Lieutenant Shrie Pierson was an officer on the ISS Arcadia, and Stephen April's assistant in gubernatorial duties in the latter half of 2385. A "nicely-shaped blond with intelligent hazel eyes", she was known to wear skimpy uniforms overly tight. She was also noted as having lips that were "thick, round, a perfectly puckered oval", "made for kissing".

During preparations by April, Griff Tryce, Jackson Bretta and Alexei Obrenovic to infiltrate Ty'gokor, Pierson offered April request forms from the Seventh Imperial Fleet, required by an Admiral Prentiss to consolidate Imperial gains along the Romulan border. Later, she massaged April in his ready room and made intimate innuendo following a discussion with Commodore Taffitt, but was interrupted by Marx Richtor. (Star Trek: New Empire)

Pierson's status following the destruction of the Arcadia is unknown.