Shlomi Fish is an amateur/hobbyist Internet writer, philosopher, and entertainer, who is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has written the following pieces of Star Trek fan fiction:

Both of these are part of what he nicknamed as “The Selinaverse” (after the first name of the protagonist of one of his screenplays), which is the world created by Mr. Fish that crosses the Star Trek universe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alexandre Dumas pere's The Three Muskeeters, many elements from Judaism, and many other elements.

Shlomi also started writing a sequel to Selina Mandrake:

  • Buffy, a Few Good Slayers - a Buffy fanfic, that takes place in a world (= The “Beckyverse”) forked from the Buffyverse after the end of the third season of BtVS. Later on, that world gets in contact with the Selinaverse.

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