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Ships of the Star Fleet were five volumes of fan-written Trek technology manuals principally written by Chris Wallace, a former longtime member (as of 2008) of Starfleet International. Among other billets, Wallace was director of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. The manuals were written from the perspective of a technical editor writing in 2377 and 2378.

The five volumes are only available in PDF format and are similar in design and layout to the two extant volumes of Ships of the Star Fleet by Todd Guenther et al. that were published in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A sixth volume, intended to cover the ground combat forces and discussed in each preface, was not completed before the project team ceased collaborization.

Information in Chris Wallace's Ships of the Star Fleet was derived from the fictional metaphors of chapters in Starfleet International. As well, some (though not all) of the Starfleet personnel mentioned therein are fictional avatars of real-life people.


  • 1: Cruisers
  • 2: Patrol Combatants
  • 3: Scouts and Escorts
  • 4: Star Fleet Operating Forces
  • 5: Star Fleet Facilities

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