Shiloh National Park is part of the US national park system in the 24th century, better known as Shiloh National Military Park & Cemetery in the 19th-23rd centuries. It is part of the Jackson/Savannah Multiplex in southwest Tennessee, outside the community of Shiloh. Established in 1882, it was the site of the American Civil War Battle of Shiloh in 1862.

In 2371, to commemorate the 409th anniversary of the battle, Starfleet allowed the starship USS Shiloh to land at a special pad set up in the middle of the park (coordinates zero-eight-eight-mark-twenty north, by zero-three-five-mark-eight west).

Six months prior to the anniversary the Shiloh was christen using a bottle filled with water obtained from the Bloody Pond.

Special notesEdit

The coordinates given in the story (zero-eight-eight-mark-twenty north, by zero-three-five-mark-eight west) are the exact longitude and latitude coordinates for Duncan Field which was supplied by USNPS Ranger Mike McCutchen.

The STARFLEET chapter USS Shiloh, STARFLEET of Henderson, Tennessee, performed public service work at Shiloh by cleaning monuments. One of the monuments that the Shiloh members cleaned is located near the coordinates given.

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