Shenti Yisec Eres Ree was a Pahkwa-thanh male who served as chief medical officer of the USS Titan in the late 24th century.


One of the first Pahkwa-thanh to join Starfleet, Shenti Yisec Eres Ree was a brilliant physician who had published a number of papers, and pioneered a number of medical procedures, in his career in medicine. (Star Trek: Titan novel: Taking Wing)

Prior to his posting to the USS Titan, Dr. Ree was assigned to the USS Sovereign where he served and developed a close friendship with with doctor Atana Ral. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

After first signing aboard the USS Titan in 2379, Dr. Ree sometimes found himself rather uncomfortable around some members of the Titan's crew because of their reactions to his appearance, even though most of them managed to cover their reactions. One of the main problems was with eating, as Pahkwa-thanh had to consume raw meat, it became uncomfortable for other crewmembers who were eating in the mess hall. (Star Trek: Titan novel: Taking Wing)

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