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The Shedai were an ancient, powerful species that once ruled the Taurus Reach in the distant past. Their homeworld was Jinoteur IV. The Shedai were a highly-advanced civilization, capable of astounding technological and scientific feats, such as completely reorganizing the matter of entire worlds and engineering entire biospheres.

Sometime long ago, the Shedai went into a period of extended hibernation, withdrawing from the galactic scene. They left behind evidence of their presence in the Taurus Reach in remnants of their technology, which would come to be known to the Federation as the Taurus meta-genome. The Tholian Assembly long feared the return of the Shedai, which occurred in 2265 as the unintentional result of Starfleet and Klingon investigation and expansion into the Taurus Reach. (Star Trek: Vanguard)

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