Sharpay Evans was a Human Starfleet officer in the alternate timeline caused by the Romulan known as Nero.

She was assigned to the reality's USS Enterprise following her graduation from Starfleet Academy.

During her time at the Academy, Sharpay and younger twin brother Ryan helped administer the Academy's theater program. Sharpay also played Winona Kirk (mother of James T. Kirk) in a theatrical production based off of Admiral Christopher Pike's dissertation about the destruction of the USS Kelvin. (Future fellow Enterprise crew member Tiara Gold played the Kelvin's science officer in the same production-due to the characters being in different locations, the characters never shared any stage time.)

In order to differentiate Sharpay from Ryan, Spock has taken to call Sharpay "Ensign Evans the Older" when both Evans siblings are in the same place. (A Flight to Remember)

Like friend and fellow Enterprise crew member Kelsi Nielsen, Sharpay is a "Nero widow," having lost boyfriend Zeke Baylor when he died aboard the USS Truman during Nero's attack on Vulcan. (A Flight to Remember-Kelsi Arc Final Installment)

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