"Shakedown" was the series premiere of Star Trek: Artemis.

Outpost Romeo IVEdit

The Artemis is out on its shakedown after a refit at Utopia Planitia. While out, she receives a distress call from Romeo IV, an outpost near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Upon arrival, the raiders disappear. The Marine Unit, led by Major Eugen Jedrek, beam down to the station to secure it and neutralize any hostiles still onboard. After the station is secured, Starfleet decides to send the USS Essex as a relief ship so Artemis can report back to Utopia Planitia for her final inspection. (Star Trek: Artemis)

Notable quotesEdit

"Okay, Lieutenant," he began. "I want you to keep this quiet until I have a chance to talk to the Captain. Get Gamma Team together and I want every phaser onboard visually inspected and verified with the serial numbers." - Major Eugen Jedrek

"Tell that to the station workers I've got in Sickbay trying to survive your attack." - Captain David Hawk

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