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Aboard Deep Space 9, an assassination attempt is made on Julian Bashir, and a secret organization tries to implicate an innocent starship captain.

Log entriesEdit

  • Captain's personal log, Stardate 52932.9: We are currently docked at Deep Space Nine along with the Wildfire. It gives me time to talk to my sister and see what's going on.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • “How is he, doc?”
    “I'm doing all right. I have to believe that Section 31 would like nothing better than to have a price on my head.”
    “Apparently, it is 50 bars of latinum.”
    - Patrick Ingrum and Julian Bashir
  • “Captain Traficant, I presume. I've heard that you can be a bit extravagant when speech making.”
    “Apparently, my reputation precedes me.”
    - Harmon Rabb and James Trafficant


  • This story features a psudo-crossover of Harmon Rabb from the TV series JAG.
  • Patrick's bout with Section 31 continues with Infinity (Baldwin)
  • The trial of the real-life James Trafficant is referenced. Unlike in real life, a lawyer helps clear his name.
  • This is the last episode of "season 2"


Allison, Sarah; Bashir, Julian; Deep Space 9; USS Hood; Ingrum, Patrick; Interphase cloaking device; Rabb, Harmon; Section 31; Trafficant, James;

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