A sexually transmitted disease (abbreviated STD) is a disease that can be transmitted by sexual contact with an infected individual.

Doctor Vonus explained that a common symptom of a sexually transmitted disease, in a joined Trill at least, was the acute onset of pain. An elevated white cell count also could be caused by a sexually transmitted disease. Vonus also stated Starfleet doctors frequently ignored sexually transmitted diseases as a possible diagnosis in cases. (Henglaar, M.D.: "Risk Factors")

In 2270, Captain James T. Kirk had to be treated for the Bajoran sexually transmitted disease banta fever after leading first contact with the species. (Bait and Switch: "A Changed World")

Henglaar's medical team aboard the USS Cole considered a sexually transmitted disease might be the cause of Reigar Teer's symptoms in 2385. (Henglaar, M.D.: "Risk Factors")

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