Sex can refer to gender, or the act of intercourse or acts leading up to, or following, intercourse, including if intercourse is not achieved or is not desired. 

Virginity is the state of never before having had intercourse.

On Earth, human sexuality varies. Heterosexuality refers to a preference for the opposite sex, e. g. males for females, and vice versa. Homosexuality refers to a preference for the same gender, e. g. females for females. Bisexuality is attraction to both genders. Intersex individuals can show more than one set of genitalia, or can just have less specific internal organs. An individual who is transgendered does not personally identify with their original biological gender. An open marriage generally refers to a marriage where the parties are free to engage in intercourse with others. Asexuality refers to having no set inclination for any form of sex or attraction, and is distinction from abstention or celibacy in that it is apparently more 'enduring' than refraining from sex due to a desire to retain virginity until marriage or for religious reasons.

Slang for any of these terms, including homosexuality, varies greatly over time. Acceptable slang in one decade may become a slur in the next, or the reverse might occur. Gay is a generally-accepted umbrella statement for homosexuality, often referring more to men, though the term is sometimes used to refer to women. Gay women are generally referred to as lesbians. Coming out refers to the act of informing others of one's sexuality. The condition of being closeted refers to keeping one's sexuality a secret.

Sexuality varies among species. Denobulans have three mates of the opposite gender, and each of these mates has three, etc. (ENT: "Doctor's Orders"). Andorian marriages require groups of four (TNG: "Data's Day"). While preferences are not specified, the presence of such multiple individual marriages strongly implies that some sexuality may be fluid.

Sexology is the scientific study of sexuality. Both Lyrans and U'lanna considered sexology as a medical specialty. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "For a New World")

Fan continuitiesEdit

Star Trek: Hidden FrontierEdit

Starfleet personnel involved in same-sex partnerships included Ro Nevin (a Bajoran who also had a relationship with Tara Abis, a female Bajoran), Corey Aster (Human), Jorian Zen (Trill), and Nej'ta (Klingon). When Ensign Ro discussed Aster's attraction to him with Ensign Brett Rawlins, Rawlins attached no particular significance to the fact that they were both male. Ro and Aster eventually married. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier eposides "Encke", "Vigil", "The Widening Gyre", "Its Hour Come Round At Last")

In Between DaysEdit

Asexual character

Bisexual charactersEdit

Gay characters (female)Edit

Gay characters (male)Edit

Open marriageEdit

  • The marriage of Lili O'Day and Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett was an open one after 2159, when Doug took a lover, Melissa Madden, and Lili took a lover, Malcolm Reed. Melissa also retained her lesbian lover, Leonora Digiorno. The parties referred to the marriage and its adjuncts as "the arrangement". The arrangement was discontinued upon Doug's death, in 2181 (In Between Days: Equinox), although the parties remained close.

Multiple marriagesEdit

Alternate and unconventional practicesEdit

Interspecies sexualityEdit

Star Trek: Phase IIEdit

In the 2260s, James Kirk's nephew Ensign Peter Kirk and Lieutenant Alex Freeman, both male humans, planned to marry. (Star Trek: Phase II episodes "Blood and Fire, Part 1 and Part 2")


Root and Wheel were lovers from before they joined Starfleet. In the 23rd century some official documents omitted mention of human relationships other than male–female pair-bonds, but non-human personnel knew this description was ridiculously incomplete. (TOSS #15 "Earth humour")

The felinoid engineers Ash, Smoke and Ember were in a three-person partnership; in their culture this was a common arrangement. (TOSS #39 "Docking Tube")

The Mysterious Case of Neelix's LungsEdit

Harry Kim was gay and had a minor crush on Tom Paris; however Paris was heterosexual. ("Factoring Primes", "Setting the Curve")

The author's notes for "Factoring Primes" state that StarSword and Worffan101 had written this in deference to Garrett Wang's brief attempt to play Kim as gay early in Star Trek: Voyager before being shut down by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.

Veronica Stadi also mentioned that Paris had caught Mariah Henley and Tahel Mizrahi making out on duty. ("Setting the Curve")

Bait and SwitchEdit

Kanril Eleya's Starfleet Academy roommate Jasmine Velasquez was omnisexual (i.e. having no apparent preference for gender or species) and tended to kick Kanril out of the dorm room when she brought back hookups on Friday nights.

Captain Alfred Detweiler, Kanril's commanding officer on the USS Kagoshima, was mentioned to have a husband and three teenage children on New Leipzig.

Kanril herself was involved in a Bajoran/human relationship with Jerrod Dalton at the Academy, which ended badly. She also alluded to having had a threesome with two Klingons. ("From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

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