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Seventh House of Betazed

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The Seventh House of Betazed is one of Betazed's ancient noble houses, and is known as the "House of Strength" in the archaic traditions. Its ancestral palace, Kar-Undoume, is in Adunor, near Lake Cataria. As of the mid-24th century, Andrus Kelisen held the title of Lord of the Seventh House. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Heritage", "Broken Destiny")

Other members of the Seventh House of Betazed include Ilanna Kelisen, daughter of Andrus, and her son Timothy Sinclair. Sinclair was rejected by his grandfather at birth, and officially exiled from the House in 2355. Nonetheless, he was summoned back to Kar-Undoume in late 2379. (PDN: "Heritage")

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