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The 7th Fleet Marines were part of the Seventh Fleet RPG.


The Marines of the Seventh Fleet were in actuality, the 8th Marine Expeditionary Force headed up by Lieutenant General Brad Zeak. The 8th MEF was on detached service with the Seventh Fleet indefinitely due to their heavy work with the Spacial Rifts that tear through normal space. The most famous unit within 8MEF was by far, Epsilon Detachment which is a part of the 8th Special Assault Battalion of the 8th Division. Epsilon Detachment is currently led by First Lieutenant Cyrus Perseus and is based out of the USS Naphalai.

The mission of the 8th MEF was to secure the protection of the members of the 7th Fleet and to ensure that any hostile force from life forms from the rifts was met with swift action.


8th DivisionEdit

8th Division -- MGEN Paul Amesworth (NPC)

8th Marine Logistics GroupEdit

8th Marine Logistics Group -- MGEN Melissa Chan (NPC)

3rd Marine Aircraft WingEdit

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing -- MGEN Urelia K’ache (NPC)


After the First Federation-Klingon War in 2267, the Federation Council decided that it would perhaps be best to reinstate an organization with the absolute purpose of defense of the Federation at its core. After much deliberation, the re-formation of the Federation Marine Corps was announced on 30 August 2270. This became known as the birthday of the FMC.

From the beginning of its creation, the Federation Marine Corps was placed under the Starfleet Command which was already part of the Federation Department of Space Exploration and Defense. At first only a single division consisting of 19,000 Marines was authorized with all support such as logistics and such coming from Starfleet. The first commander of this unit and as such of the FMC was Major General Thomas McCallister. He was complacent however and the FMC remained nothing more than a Marine division until he retired in 2278. His successor, Major General Andre Boudreaux saw the FMC through a period of major change. Support services were given over to Marines, new units were created such as the Air Wing, and Artillery. Marine Transports were designed and built. By the time he retired as a Lieutenant General and commander of the 1st MEF, General Boudreaux had instituted changes that what cause the Marines to grow into a healthy superior fighting force. Over time, eight more MEFs were created. By the time, the FMC reached its centennial, it boasted numbers of 900,000 Marines serving across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Chain of CommandEdit

Past CommandantsEdit

  • Major General Thomas McCallister -- 2270-2278
  • Lieutenant General Andre Boudreaux -- 2278-2285
  • Lieutenant General Marcia O’Shea -- 2285-2297
  • General T’vir -- 2297-2305
  • General Marcus Smith -- 2305-2315
  • General Adam North -- 2315-2333
  • Colonel General Angela Forrester -- 2333-2340
  • Colonel General Orin -- 2340-2352
  • Colonel General Tamaria -- 2352-2355
  • Colonel General Alan MacKinnon -- 2355-2367
  • Colonel General Sarah Rhinehart -- 2367-2372
  • Colonel General Natalya Gorbanavitch -- 2372-present

Past Sergeants Major of the Marine CorpsEdit

  • SGTMAJMC Michael Davidson -- 2333-2345
  • SGTMAJMC Erik Donaldson -- 2345-2350
  • SGTMAJMC Melissa McCauley -- 2350-2357
  • SGTMAJMC Ishtakania -- 2357-2370
  • SGTMAJMC Maklar -- 2370-present

Fire Team-->Squad Leader-->Platoon Commander-->Company Commander-->battalion-->regiment,-->division-->Sgt Major of marine Corps--> Commandant ---> Secretary of space exploration and defense--> President of the United Federation of Planets


General OfficersEdit

Mshl (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Colonel General
The highest rank attainable by a Federation Marine. Held by only one person at any given time. The Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Gen (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Normally bestowed upon those in charge of Major Commands.
LtGen (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Lieutenant General
Normally commands Minor Commands as well as Marine Expeditionary Forces.
MajGen (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Major General
Generally in command of division-sized forces or large bases.
BGen (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Brigadier General
Normally in command of small bases and often serves as the second-in-command to a Major General.

Division OfficersEdit

BCol (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Brigadier Colonel
Often commands larger than average regiments. It is a rare rank.
Col (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Normally commands regiment-sized units and sometimes serves as aides to high ranking Generals.
LtCol (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Lieutenant Colonel
Generally commands battalion-sized units and serves in regimental- and division-sized staff billets.
Maj (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Often serves as the second in command to a Lieutenant Colonel. Also serves on the staff of regimental- or division-sized Headquarters Companies.
Capt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Generally commands companies of 150-200 Marines. Serves on battalion-sized Headquarters staff.
1stLt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

First Lieutenant
Junior officer who generally commands a platoon and serves as an aide to generals. Common misconception is that First Lieutenants are given assignments requiring more authority upon promotion. In reality, they are considered simply more experienced Second Lieutenants and generally serve in the same billets. Occasionally given billets which require greater experience than a Second Lieutenant such as XO of a Company.
2ndLt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Second Lieutenant
An entry level officer rank. Generally these officers are either still in some sort of MOS training or will command a platoon. Often they also serve as aides to lower-ranking generals.

Non-Commissioned OfficersEdit

SMMC (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
A unique non-commissioned rank in the Federation Marine Corps. The senior enlisted member of the Marine Corps. Currently held by Sgt Major MC Maklar. The only rank insignia to bear gold chevrons. The first Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps was Michael Davidson who held it from its creation in 2333 until he retired in 2345.
SgtMaj (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Sergeant Major
The ninth and highest enlisted rank, just above First Sergeant, and equal in grade to Master Gunnery Sergeant, although the two have different responsibilities. Sergeant Major is both a rank and a military "billet". Marine Corps Sergeants Major serve as the senior enlisted Marine in the Corps' units of battalion, squadron or higher echelon, to assist the unit's commander and to handle matters of discipline and morale among the enlisted Marines.
MGySgt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Master Gunnery Sergeant
The ninth and highest enlisted rank (along with the grade-equivalent ranks of Sergeant Major and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps) in the Federation Marine Corps. Master Gunnery Sergeants are staff non-commissioned officers (SNCOs) and are assigned a pay grade of E-9.

Sometimes referred to as "Master Guns" or "Master Gunny." These nicknames are unacceptable in formal or ceremonial situations, and, at the rank holder's discretion, may also be unacceptable for use by lower-ranking Marines.

1stSgt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

First Sergeant
It is equal in grade to Master Sergeant, although the two ranks have different responsibilities. First Sergeant have a command responsibility while Master Sergeants have technical responsibilities. No lateral movement is possible between the two ranks in the Marine Corps. In their annual performance evaluations, called "fitness reports," eligible Gunnery Sergeant indicate whether they wish to be considered for promotion to Master Sergeant or First Sergeant. A First Sergeant is then eligible to be promoted to a Sergeant Major while a Master Sergeant would be on the promotional track for Master Gunnery Sergeant.
MSgt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Master Sergeant
The eighth enlisted rank in the Federation Marine Corps. It is equal in grade to First Sergeant. Master Sergeants in the Federation Marine Corps provide technical leadership as occupational specialists at the E-8 level. General command leadership at this pay grade is provided by the separate rank of First Sergeant.
GySgt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Gunnery Sergeant
The seventh enlisted rank in the Federation Marine Corps and is a staff non-commissioned officer. It has a pay grade of E-7.

Gunnery sergeants are commonly referred to by the informal abbreviation "gunny." This nickname is usually regarded as a title of esteem and/or camaraderie, and is generally acceptable for use in all situations except formal and ceremonial ones. Use of the term by lower-ranking personnel, however, remains at the gunnery sergeant's discretion

SSgt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Staff Sergeant
E-6 rank in the Federation Marine Corps. A Marine Staff Sergeant is a staff non-commissioned officer rank.
Sgt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Marine Sergeants are the fifth enlisted rank in the Federation Marine Corps.
Cpl (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

The fourth enlisted rank in the Federation Marine Corps. Corporal is the lowest grade of non-commissioned officer in the Federation Marine Corps though promotion to Corporal traditionally confers a large jump in authority and responsibility compared to promotion from Private through Lance Corporal. It is also the first Marine rank requiring competition among peers rather than simple "time in grade" promotions and therefore sometimes difficult to attain. Marine Corporals generally serve as "fire-team leaders," commanding a 4-man team or unit of similar size. In support units, they direct the activities of junior Marines and provide technical supervision. Because of its emphasis on small-unit tactics, the Marine Corps usually places Corporals in billets where other services have traditionally had an E-5 or E-6 in authority. Similarly, the term "Strategic Corporal" refers to the special responsibilities conferred upon a Marine Corporal
LCpl (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Lance Corporal
The third lowest enlisted rank. It is not a non-commissioned officer rank. A Lance Corporal is not referred to as a Lance (unless you are a Marine), but as a Lance Corporal, never as Corporal. Because of them not being of NCO status, only ranks same or above call a Lance Corporal by last name. Three common Marine nicknames for a Lance Corporal are "Lance Coolie", "Lance Coconut", "Lance Colonel", or "Lance Criminal".
PFC (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png

Private First Class
The second lowest enlisted rank.
Green (DS9)
Only refers to the lowest enlisted rank. A Marine Corps Private wears no uniform insignia. Most new, non-officer marines begin their military career as a Private.



Squad - (Composed of 12 Marines all enlisted. Breaks down into two six person Fire Teams)

  • Squad Leader -- SGT - SSGT
  • Asst. Squad Leader -- CPL - SGT


Platoon - (Composed of 50 Marines, 1 Commissioned. Breaks down into 4 Squads)

  • Platoon Leader -- 2LT - 1LT
  • Platoon Sergeant -- GYSGT - MSGT


Company - (Composed of 202 Marines, 5 Commissioned. Breaks down into 4 Platoons)

  • Company CO -- CAPT - MAJ
  • Company First Sergeant -- FSGT
  • Company XO is highest ranking Platoon Leader


Battalion - (Composed of 891 Marines, 28 Commissioned. Breaks down into 4 Companies and a Headquarters and Headquarters Company composed of 80 Marines)

  • Battalion CO -- LTC - COL
  • Battalion XO -- MAJ - LTC
  • Battalion Sergeant Major -- SGTMAJ


Regiment - (Composed of 3,674 Marines, 112 Commissioned. Breaks down into 4 Battalions and a Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) composed of 110 Marines)

  • Regimental CO -- COL - BGEN
  • Regimental XO -- LTC - COL
  • Regimental Sergeant Major -- SGTMAJ

Battalion HHCEdit

Inside a battalion HHC, the headquarters staff will usually include the following key officers and primary staff officers:

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