A server, in computer technology, is a device whose role is to process demands sent by clients through a network, with software varying from server to server, depending on the uses of a server. Hardware also changes according to the scale at which these services were provided: it could range to a PADD-sized computer to supercomputers of the size of a basketball court.

Fan continuities Edit

RIS Bouteina Edit

Annika Hansen was promoted to Erei'Riov in order to take command of a listening post facility that housed one of the public World of Warcrack servers (actually, it was a RP server) located in Romulan space, so the Romulan Senate could at least try to sweep World of Warcraft under the carpet. She regarded the role as unworthy of even a temporary Tal Prai'ex officer. The listening post was large enough to house both a convenience store and the server, albeit on different decks.

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