Cardassian Glinn Serain Meray (Ilojan transliteration: Serayn Meray) served as the chief engineer of the CUW Romac under the command of Gul Zejil Rebek. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

In 2375, the Romac was one of the three Cardassian warships caught in the Septimus system when the Klingon fleet arrived. During that extremely lopsided battle, the Romac took a devastating beating that dropped the ship's shields, injuring both Gul Rebek and the ship's Vorta. Their leader rendered comatose, the Jem'Hadar on board went on a rampage, slaughtering any Cardassian they encountered. Glinn Meray's quick thinking saved the ship: he isolated Jem'Hadar lifesigns and used the ship's internal transporters to scramble the Jem'Hadar to death. Even weeks later, it was reported that the crew of the Romac still had not succeeded in scrubbing the blood stains from the deckplates, and that they might be permanently fused there.

The Septimus Massacre took a particularly large toll on Glinn Meray. Meray had initially been slated to take command of the Romac during the rebels' fight to seize the Lessek shipyards, but Gul Rebek decided instead that first officer Va'Kust would return to the ship and fill that position instead. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

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