Senta Lilienthal is the wife of Dominic Lilienthal. At the beginning of their relationship, Senta only saw Dominic once every seven years because of his service on a Starfleet science ship. While her husband traveled the stars Senta remained on Earth where she worked as a nurse. {Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Beginning of Infinity}

Senta's parents were often impressed by the treasures Dominic returned with from his missions to other worlds.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"The only leader you have to obey is your own reason."
— Senta to Karala Yagiyu.


  • The name Senta is taken from the Opera The Flying Dutchman by Richard Wagner.
  • Senta Lilienthal is partly inspired by the character Toru Magami from the Manga X.
  • Her haircut is inspired by a haircut worn by the Japanese rockstar Mana.

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