Designed in the late 24th century by Starfleet science officer Jamal Mahtani and sensor technology expert Doctor Nathan Bridger, the Sensor Probe Reconnaissance Array ('SPRA) is a prototype sensor system which allows the host vessel greater sensor coverage of a given area.

Dr Bridger's ancestor, Captain Nathan Bridger, designed the submersible SeaQuest and the Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites (Whiskers) in early twenty-first century. The SPRA network is based upon the Whiskers design, but far more advanced and fitting to the time.

The SPRA sensor probes are outfitted with micro-warp-cores, making them capable of speeds up to warp three point six, and state-of-the-art sensors equivalent to those on a Sovereign-class starship.

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Starship Dauntless - The Pebbled Sea, Part 3

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