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Selva was a Starfleet Captain assigned to the USS Helen in the year 2414. (Star Trek: Helen)

Early Life and the AcademyEdit

Selva was born on the planet Athena, the daughter of a high ranking Athenan politician and a captured Romulan Centurion. When she was about 11, the Athenans made contact with the Federation, and within a few years where full-fledged members of the Federation.

While her mother believed that she should have entered politics, when Selva was old enough she applied for Starfleet Academy. In the academy, her roommate was Drash Kada, who would later serve as the Commander on board the USS Constance.

When she was in her second year in the Academy, Selva got pregnant with her current boyfriend, not unusual as far as Athenans go. Despite insistence by the father and his family, she refused marriage, which was typically against Athenan customs. She went on to graduate and served on board the USS Destiny.

The USS Helen and TriangulumEdit

In 2414, Selva was assigned to the USS Helen as her Captain. Sent to explore a wormhole leading to the Andromeda Galaxy, the Helen encountered a Shaarot vessel, and entered the wormhole as a Transphasic torpedo destabilized the wormhole.

Personality TraitsEdit

Selva is generally a good person, she tends to refer to her officers when it comes to command decisions, and seems to care deeply about people. However as an Athenan, she tends to be biased towards female crewmembers, which makes people nervous sometimes, but she is usually regarded as a good officer by Starfleet.

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