Sellis was a Romulan/Vulcan hybrid who served in the fleet of the Romulan Republic during the early 25th century. (Star Trek: Justice)

In 2412, Sellis held the rank of Admiral and commanded the warbird RRW T'Rul. She led the Romulan Republic fleet to Earth to join the Federation and Klingon fleets in the Second Battle of Wolf 359. Before the battle, she spoke with Admiral So'Gam and was eager to prove that the Romulan Republic was ready to take its place among the major powers of the quadrant once more. During the battle, the T'Rul was disabled, but later repaired. After the battle, Sellis led the Romulan Republic forces in assisting Starfleet with search-and-rescue operations at Wolf 359. ("Vengeance")

Sellis is an original character created by the author of the Star Trek Online: Valkyries series. After her cameo appearance in "Vengeance," she was promised to appear in her own stories in the STO: Valkyries timeline.

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