Species: Vulcan
Gender: female
Affiliation: Imperial Starfleet, later Terran rebellion
Title: chief medical officer
Stationed: ISS Enterprise-D
For the primary universe counterpart, see Selar.

In the mirror universe Selar was a Vulcan slave in service to the Imperial Starfleet aboard the ISS Enterprise-D. She later joined the rebellion against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

"The Final Days"/"The Gift" ContinuityEdit

Little is known about Selar's early life, except that her parents were rebels who were apprehended three years after the Alliance conquered Vulcan. At this time Vulcans were slaves to both the Terran Empire and the Alliance.

As an adult, Selar was a slave aboard the Enterprise-D during the Terran Empire's final days of its war with the Alliance. Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard reluctantly appointed her his chief medical officer after disposing of Beverly Crusher, as Selar was now the only one aboard who had the medical knowledge necessary. ("The Final Days") While most humans on the Enterprise blamed Vulcans for their Empire's misfortunes, Wesley Crusher befriended her because he realized what Spock and others had tried to offer.

After the Empire's defeat, Selar and Wesley both became slaves but escaped with the help of some Bajoran vedeks and fought together in the Terran rebellion.

Selar taught Vulcan mind techniques to Wesley, whose own understanding of the relation between space, energy, and thought enabled him to overcome his human limitations and perform mind melds with both humans and Vulcans. Wesley transferred his katra when he was severely injured and dying after fighting the Alliance. She, in turn, transferred his katra to his Federation counterpart, but Ambassador Spock convinced her to reclaim the katra and take it to Mount Seleya. ("The Gift")

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