"Secret Shuttles, Part IV" (sub-titled "Conclusion") was the twenty-seventh episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the second episode of the second season, and was the last of a four part episode arc.



Matt and Shane find themselves in the future, the year 2400, where they are met with the future Phoenix-X. The ship is now commanded by a Captain Kugo, who does not allow the two to time-jump back into the past. Matt and Shane are appalled at this and attempt to escape in the timeship, but unfortunately, they only take themselves into another part of the Quadrant. There, they meet with Daniel and Night Seifer, who have rallied a Rebellion against the Section 31 driven Federation. With their help, Matt and Shane are able to bring the timeship back to the year 2375, where Vector 3 is stranded. Unfortunately, because Vector 3 doesn't have the transwarp engine, and there is only enough power for one more jump, they are unable to bring the Vector back. So Daniel leaves Seifer in charge of the Vector for the next two years, ordering him not to alter the timeline. When the timeship returns to the present year of 2377, they meet up with the top-two thirds of the Phoenix-X and recover the bottom third which is now two years older.

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