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"Secret Shuttles, Part II" (sub-titled "Furtherance") was the twenty-fifth episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the second episode of the season finale, and was the second of a four part episode arc. It was also the last episode of the first season.



Klokian steals his Timeship and initiates a time-jump as Captain Daniel tractor-beams the Timeship during this jump from within the Paroga-X. The Phoenix-X decides to jump Transwarp, right through both the Paroga-X and the Timeship as the time-jump is happening - sending all three vessels into the past; to the year 2375. Upon entrance, Daniel and the Paroga-X are disoriented until running into a Section 31 ship; here Daniel is able to confirm that Wallace really is working for Section 31. Upon entrance, Klokian takes his Timeship to the 2375 Phoenix-X, where he saves Gul Meloneus by beaming the Gul onto the Timeship a second before the Gul's ship is destroyed. Upon entrance, the Phoenix-X decides to drop Transwarp a few lightyears away, where Night Seifer steals Vector 3 to follow the escaping James Gotens and Lex Gotens into the other universe through the Iso-star.

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