"Secret Shuttles, Part I" (sub-titled "Commencement") was the twenty-fourth episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the first episode of the season finale, and was the first of a four part episode arc. It was also the second last episode of the first season.



A Lieutenant Matt joins the Phoenix-X from the Tech-Team to show the crew the new Paroga-X, a shuttle capable of Transwarp. Meanwhile, the Cardassian ship, Scorpion, brings along Klokian who steals his Timeship back. Two Trill impostors, James and Lex, who were supposedly there to fix the Paroga-X, kidnap and steal Commander Gotens' Gotens symbiont. James places the Gotens symbiont into the Lex host, turning her into Lex Gotens, and takes Lex's previous Seifer symbiont to put into the Commander's Night host - turning him into Night Seifer. At the end of the episode, the Phoenix-X follows the Timeship into the past; the year 2375.

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