"Secret Engine, Part I" was the third series of comics of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It contained one comic page and one comic strip and was the first comic series of the fourth season.


Cell and Seifer attempt to explain the -X postfix to a visiting Andorian. Red resorts to extremes when the replicators stop producing gagh.

Comic guideEdit

Within the category of 'Comics' (i.e., Comics 3A) were each individualized 'Comic' (i.e., Comic 15, Comic 16).

Comics 3A Title Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Stardate Year
Comic 15 "Secret Engine" (or "Andorian") Mar 20 2007 PNX094_M003AA An Andorian visits and questions the -X. Unknown 2383
Comic 16 "Gagh" Nov 09 2007 PNX094_M003AB Red goes to extremes when the ship is out of gagh. 61320.4 2383

Memorable quotesEdit

"Cannibalism is bad!"

Background informationEdit

  • These were the first comics to be presented in color.

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