For the original prompt, see: The Return of the Revenge of the Unofficial LC of DOOM!
"Second Life" was the first "unofficial" episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the first "unofficial" episode of the fourth season. It was the first Star Trek: Phoenix-X entry written for the Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge and was an entry for the fourth challenge of those unofficial challenges. This episode focuses on the crew of the USS Crucial and features the crew and setting of Star Trek: 001.


Harley Menrow wakes up on Starbase 001 in the 28th century and starts to remember his past life aboard the USS Crucial.

Background informationEdit

  • This was the second Star Trek: Phoenix-X story to focus solely on the Crucial; the previous was "Crucial", a spin-off that was eventually integrated into Star Trek: Phoenix-X.
  • Orb of Summons last appeared in Star Trek: 001: "The Road Not Taken" in which Lieutenant Commander Sith fought to keep it safe from a vengeful Pah'Wraith.
  • The title "Second Life" was created by Star Trek Online Forums user proteusrex, the author of this Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge prompt.
  • This episode is also a sequel to "Into Harshness" in which the previous class of the Crucial is destroyed, and Menrow is thought killed; both of which are referenced.
  • Due to the satirical style of writing in this story, main crew from Starbase 001 are written out-of-character as to how they were written (by each of their player/creators) in Star Trek: 001.

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