Second Battle of Tovolo
Date: 2416
Location: Tovolo system
Result: Federation-Lyran victory
Lyran Starfleet
Federation Starfleet
Wyldefire Compact
Tara Whitten et al. unknown
23 ships
100 fighters
Vegas Station
530 fighters
some capital ships
unknown unknown, heavy

The Second Battle of Tovolo was fought in January 2416 between Federation-Lyran forces and the Wyldefire Compact in response to raids on shipping. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Scrap Yard Vegas")

The battleEdit

The 100th Tactical Wing was deployed against what capital ships the Wyldefire Compact could throw at the law enforcement forces, in an attempt to distract the carrier force being deployed to fight the Lysian fighters deployed from the Scrap Yard to defend Vegas Station.

The 182nd Tactical Fighter Wing fought with distinction during the battle, and 1L Life is Hell was used by False Vacuum Squadron as a battle cry for the first time. Powerleveling Squadron used all its plasma bombs to deal heavy damage to the station, with twenty R-5162 photonic missiles being fired to destroy its primary power generator.


The Temporal Slot Machine was salvaged from the wreckage of the station and cleared for legal use in the Federation.

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