Lieutenant Junior Grade Sean Marquez is the Chief Flight Controller of the Federation starship USS Luna. (Star Trek: Luna)


Sean Marquez was born in San Francisco in 2354. Being from the home of Starfleet Command, Sean aspired from an early age to join Starfleet. He also learned from a young age to pilot all manner of small air and spacecraft, including an old shuttle that his father had fixed up.

Marquez was accepted to Starfleet Academy in 2372, as tensions between the Federation, the Klingons, and the Dominion, were heating up. Starfleet needed all the officers that it could get, and fast. He was on track to graduate early in order to be shipped to the front, however, the success of the Battle of Cardassia, and the subsequent peace treaty, ended those plans. Marquez instead graduated in four years. He proved to be a brilliant pilot and he was quickly enrolled in flight school. Afterwards, he entered the Advanced Flight Academy training program, to prepare for duty as the CONN officer on a starship.

Ensign Marquez was soon assigned to the USS Osiris, an Akira-class Starship assigned to reconstruction duties in Cardassian Space. During his time on the Osiris he became friends with Lieutenant Samantha Lefkin, one of the ship's operations managers. He served on the Osiris for two years until 2379, when he was promoted and assigned as the Chief Flight Controller of the USS Constantinople, a Steamrunner-class vessel under the command of Captain Aaron Kennedy. Marquez proved to be a capable officer and he and Captain Kennedy soon became friends. When Kennedy was transferred to the command of the USS Luna after an incident involving a gravitic mine on the Breen frontier, Kennedy requested Marquez’s transfer to his new command as well. An offer which Marquez quickly accepted.

Current assignmentEdit

Lieutenant Marquez is currently the Chief Flight Controller of the USS Luna. In that role he is in charge of all flight control (CONN) operations on board the ship. He is also in charge of the Flight Control team on board the Luna, which includes all ship’s flight controllers and all auxiliary vehicle pilots. Although he is a junior officer, because he is a department head he may be included in senior staff meetings when necessary. Flight Control is a division of the command department. Because of this, Lieutenant Marquez’s direct superior is the XO.

Service jacketEdit

Previous assignmentsEdit

  • ENS (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
    Assistant Chief Flight Controller, USS Osiris, 2377-2379
  • LTJG (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
    Chief Flight Controller, USS Constantinople, 2379-2380

Current assignmentEdit

  • LTJG (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
    Chief Flight Controller, USS Luna


Starfleet Academy Top 15% of ClassBridge Officer CertificationPurple Heart

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